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  • Emergency Site Help


    This listing is for help with one acute website problem.

    Is your site misbehaving? Are you not sure what’s going on? Is your site behaving oddly after an update, or maybe it disappeared (the dreaded “white screen of death”)? Has your site been hacked? I can help fix it.

    • Typical problems that I help with include restoring from backups, fixing “white screen of death,” diagnosing plugin conflicts, finding formatting errors due to theme customizations, helping with errors after updates, helping to fix & clean a site after a hack (but see next item).
    • IMPORTANT: This fee is non-refundable, as it purchases my time to go into your site & see what’s going on and work to fix it. If you’re not sure what happened to your site and especially if you suspect a hack, BEFORE PURCHASING, please contact me to make sure I can help & to find out about possible additional costs. 99.9% of the time I can help, but I cannot guarantee anything, and if your site is having a very serious problem, I may need to charge additional fees for additional time needed.
    • Purchase of this service does not guarantee that I can fix everything; if your site had content changed/damaged, and you do not have backups of your unchanged content, there is no way for me to restore it. Also, backups can be damaged, too, and I can’t fix things like that.
    • You may purchase this at any time of any day, but I generally do not work evenings or weekends (well, I *try* not to). I am in the east coast time zone of the US. If you have an emergency during these times and it can’t wait, try contacting me first to see if I am able to help right away.

    In the “Notes” area of checkout, please tell me a bit about what’s going on.

    Once purchased, I will be in contact as soon as I can in order to find out more details about the situation and to let you know what information I need to start.

  • Phone Call for WordPress Help or Training


    This listing is for one phone call, up to 1.5 hours, for me to help you with your site.

    This call can cover any questions you have about using your site & Wordpress, how to work with your theme or plugins, how to set up basics like analytics or ads, how to make simple edits of your site, basic troubleshooting, etc.

    This call will NOT cover how to customize your site, how to code or program, how to create a theme, or any kind of advanced topic (they simply need a LOT more time than this call allows!).

    This call is meant for you if you’re trying to get started with your site, or to keep going with your site, but find you’re stuck on a few things…and just want someone to explain it to you in one go. :)

    NOTE: If you have recently purchased (or plan to purchase) a custom site package, a phone call is included, so you do not need to buy it separately here. See my custom packages here.

    If you want further calls after the first one, we can talk about pricing (I discount for more of them) & possible packages of calls you can use over a longer period of time.

    Once you purchase this listing, I will be in touch within 1 business day so that we can schedule the day & time for the call.