Quick Blogging Tip: Why you want cache cleaners & two different browsers when working on your site

Sometimes if you’ve made sites changes or plugin changes but aren’t seeing them on your site, the easiest thing to do is to clear your site’s cache, if you use one, or your browser’s cache – and an easy way to clear your browser cache is to install a “quick clean” browser addon:

  • For Chrome: I use an addon called “History Eraser” (search & install via the Chrome web store)
  • For Firefox: I use an addon called “Click & Clean” (search & install via the Addons for Firefox)

Both of these add little buttons into the top of the browser window (usually next to the URL bar) that let you clear the cache quickly & easily.

But what if you clear your cache & still don’t see changes? My recommendation is always to view the site in another browser. You should have at least two that you can easily fire up; the main three to choose from are Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. I say “main three” because these are what the majority of people use, so when working on your site, you want to look at your site the way most of your visitors do. Simply open up another browser & take a look at your site to see if the problem replicates. If it doesn’t, then you know the problem is just with your main browser (and your visitors aren’t seeing it, only you are). If the problem is showing in a different browser, you then know you need to go back & double check that your changes saved, other parts of the site display ok, and other troubleshooting things as needed.


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